Born in Valladolid (Spain) in 1974, actually is living in Zaragoza.
At only 9 years old, he begins to acquire music in Vinyl.
In the mid-1980s, "Joseph Finne" is part of a break-dance group. He begins to compile all the musical information of that moment: Electro, Rap, Hip Hop, Acid House, Techno Pop, Disco, Deep, Garage, New Age, Funky ... The recordings of the Cassette, to dance with his group, performed the same in his house, with the Vinyls that he was buying.
After witnessing the European final of the DMC championship, 1989, celebrated in the discotheque "BCM" (Palma de Mallorca), decided to start in Discjockey culture, the art of mixing and scratch, impregnate Joseph completely.
In the year 1992 he gets his first contract as a DJ and with the nickname of "DJ JOXE", he makes a gap in the guild progestivamente.
With his residence in the mythical after "BASICO X" (1995 - 1997), he became one of the best DJ's in Zaragoza.
It is required in many events throughout the city, also collaborating in different radio stations; As well as interviews in Tv and regional newspapers.
On a certain occasion it gets to be, putting music, 38 hours with the turntables, linking the sessions of several places uninterruptedly.

The way to elaborate his sessions, his refined technique and a refined musical selection ... lead him to adopt the pseudonym of "JOSEPH FINNE" ®.
An exquisite Tech-house, Deep sounds and eternal melodies define this DJ. It is in the club "KITSCH" (1999), where he painted all that art, together with the great "VICTOR DEL GUIO"

In 2001 he decided to move to LONDON, the European cradle of music.
Featuring only one Demo CD, they are hired at the "BRB" club (Gerrard Street, China Town Soho).
He remains here as a resident DJ, every weekend´s until 2003.
In turn, it obtains a monthly residence, in the club "FLAVA" (Elephant Casttle, London).
Joseph Finne fills his suitcases with new tendencies, being thus, the first and unique DJ of Saragossa, that establishes in London (U.K).

In 2004, the label Selected music was born and gave him the opportunity to publish his first album entitled "NOW" (original mix).
A vinyl focused directly to the dance floor, effective and classy.

In 2006, he entered as a resident DJ in the "RESET" room, considered the most avant-garde club in the city, where people like: Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y, Trentemoller ... among others.

His residence in "LA JUNQUERA" (Terrace Lounge) from 2006 to 2012, does not leave anyone indifferent, reference point of the Deep house and Nu-Jazz in Zaragoza.

Currently "Joseph Finne" is considered one of the best DiscJockey in his city. This same year 2017, he turns 25 as a professional DJ.
He is in love with the music in Vinyl, the format with which he learned this exciting career.

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